1. Perlin noise on Flickr.


  2. PCB art on Flickr.


  3. PCB art on Flickr.


  4. LED strips on Flickr.




  7. NYCR floor painting on Flickr.

    The floors are resting.


  8. NYCR floor painting on Flickr.

    Caution! Wet paint!


  9. Reflow on Flickr.


  10. Nick and Sayaka Vermeer, Olivia Barr, and William Ward have been working hard for the past couple weeks on an exciting project with the Brooklyn Ballet. We are transforming the dancers’ costumes into interactive performance pieces.  Our contribution consists of six LED snowfall tutus for the ballerinas, one Pexel shirt for Mike “Supreme” Fields and six sparkling LED hair accessories for the young ballerinas. The dancers will be performing the snow scene from the Nutcracker in the Brooklyn Ballet‘s Vectors, Marys, and Snow performance from April 3rd to April 13th.  Please support the project through our Kickstarter!  There you can also watch an interview with Nick and Lynn Parkerson, founding artistic director and choreographer of Brooklyn Ballet.  We’d really appreciate your donation to further our work!  All our hardware designs and code are open source, and we hope to see more creative works mixing technology and dance.